Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yellowstone in Pictures

Last week, Jim and Richie flew to Colorado to join me and Jacob at Adam's apartment. On Wednesday, the five of us set off to visit Yellowstone National Park. We had a fabulous time! There were dazzling landscapes & wild animals galore! (Everything except bears. Where were all the bears?) We stayed until Saturday night, then returned to Adam's place for a couple more days of playing tourist out west. Here are some photos from our trip.

 On our way to the park, we stopped at an auto parts store in Wyoming so Jim and Richie could use some special goop to fix a chip in our windshield. A truck traveling in the opposite direction on a two lane highway in Colorado rudely shot some rocks up at our Jeep.

 We arrived last Wednesday evening.

 There were tons of waterfalls throughout the park.

 We hiked a lot. The scenery was stunning everywhere we looked.

 We saw herds of bison.

 Sometimes the bison would walk along the road. This fella caused quite a traffic jam.

 We were only about ten miles from Idaho, so we went to see what the potato-growing state was all about. We also passed the Continental Divide about fifty times on this trip. The roads were very winding.

 Our hotel was in West Yellowstone, Montana. It was a nice, little western town. It was warm during the day, but the temps dipped into the 30s at night.

 I especially liked seeing the geysers in the park. They gurgled and erupted all around us. We were advised to always stay on the walkways because the ground in the area had a "thin crust." We made a lot of pizza jokes.

 Old Faithful lived up to its name.

 On our way back to Michigan, we stopped by Mt. Rushmore. We walked along a trail (a "strenuous" trail with 250 steps, I might add) and found ourselves up close & personal with the presidents.

While cruising past Battle Creek on the drive home, we saw a gazillion hot air balloons. Apparently there was some sort of festival in progress.


C. Divide said...

Wow, what a neat trip! You saw a lot of the wild west!

ModemMama said...

Wow that bison in the road is so cool. Was that the injured one?